Active Travel. What next?

Published 07/03/2018   |   Last Updated 07/03/2018

Cyclist in a city Guest post by Russell George AM, Chair, Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee In the last few weeks, the Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee, which I Chair, asked people how and why they walk and cycle and why they do not.  Over 2,500 people got in touch to share their experiences. Firstly I’d like to thank all of you for taking the time to fill in the survey or take part in a focus group session.  It’s really important to each of the committee members that we understand the challenges you face when choosing to travel actively. You told us that 60% of you who are already active travellers rated cycling as unsafe and 67% rated the number of cycle routes as poor.  That statistic surprised us. Over the next few weeks, we will be speaking to local authorities, campaign groups, and experts on the built environment, health and disability.  We will be telling them what you told us and asking questions about how the Welsh Government could make the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 deliver better walk and cycle routes for people in Wales. On 21 March we will be discussing the issue with the Cabinet Secretary Ken Skates.  Our report and recommendations will be published soon after.  I look forward to sharing them with you. Russell George AM Chair, Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee [wpvideo z0LBsjy5]