Wales in your words

Published 01/03/2017   |   Last Updated 01/03/2017

To celebrate St. David’s Day we asked hundreds of people to describe what Wales means to them in just one word

We invited visitors to the Senedd to write their word on a postcard and leave it with us. We also filmed some particularly patriotic volunteers… It’s been fantastic to see so many different words showing a range of emotions, connections and viewpoints. It comes as a reminder of the many different voices the National Assembly for Wales represents. Gwlad mewn geiriau / Wales in your words

It has also confirmed a few things we may have already known…

Wales doesn’t have the best weather…

A lot of words alluded to the famous Welsh climate with cold, grey, rainy and wet all making an appearance. One postcard gave the word warm followed by the clarification ‘not weather though’ in brackets. Just in case we got the wrong idea. warmcard rainy-grey-cards

… but it’s beautiful, and you’re proud of it.

Two of the most popular words were variations of beautiful and pride. The unique landscape of Wales was also covered by the words spectacular, scenic, mountains and green. stunning-green pride-balchder

Wales is a land of history, culture and song…

Many words reflected Wales’s rich heritage, with a number of you choosing culture, history, language, legends, rugby and music.  While the word football didn’t get a mention, we did get a Bale! culture-rugby

Wales is your home…

Home, cartref and adref in Welsh, was overwhelmingly the most common word submitted across all languages. People gave us lots of related words which sum up a sense of home and belonging including: community, hiraeth, together, welcome, etifeddiaeth, united, love, solidarity and roots. home-circle

Wales can still offer a few surprises…

Some unusual words we received… Heartbreak – is there a story behind this one? heartbreak card.png A picture of a whale – representing the emoji generation whale-drawing Ansbaradigaethus – A fun word to learn in Welsh, it means something is so good you can’t explain it! ansbaradiaga There’s also these magnificent video contributions... balchder-gif tardis-gif urdd-gif chef-gif

Wales is definitely a land of poets…

We were given so many different words. Take a look… wordgrid The translations of the words we received in other languages:
Word Language Meaning
 gujarati-word Gujarati Tolerant
 arabic-word Arabic Paradise
 greek-word Greek Truthful beyond truth
 hebrew-word Hebrew Home
 chinese-word Chinese Great
 hindi-word Punjabi Home

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