Election day session

Published 18/10/2021   |   Last Updated 21/10/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

Election day session

A session offered to schools, colleges and youth groups facilitated by the Senedd Education Team for young people aged 11-17. There are two options to choose from, depending on whether the school, college or youth group has a candidate or not.


The sessions are a great way to educate young people about the next Welsh Youth Parliament.  Many young people are often unsure about who to vote for, and why to vote for them. A hustings will help them decide who to vote for during the upcoming Welsh Youth Parliament elections in November 2021.  

Do you have pupils standing as candidates in your school, college or youth group? Our hustings assembly would be a good way for them to share why they think they would make the best representative.

1. Session suitable for schools, colleges or youth groups without candidates:

Book one of our Welsh Youth Parliament sessions to learn more about who is standing as a candidate in your area, available in 20 and 45 minutes Book a session here. Browse our media resources here.

2. Session suitable for schools, colleges or youth groups with one or more candidates:


Hustings Assembly (face to face or online) – 45min-1hr

- Book your session and receive our free marketing pack to help decorate your school. 

You can also download our free online resources here.

- Learn more about the Welsh Youth Parliament, who is standing as a candidate in your area and how pupils can take part through voting in the upcoming elections.

- Have one or more candidates standing in the school, college or youth group? We can work with you to arrange for them to take part in a hustings during the session. This is a good opportunity to share their reasons for standing as a candidate, and to take questions from other pupils or young people.

- Senedd Members are invited to our education sessions. This means that a Member may be available to attend during the session to meet with the group, and to share top tips!

- Take it that next step by encouraging young people to use their voice by registering to vote. Arrange for pupils to have access to their phone during the session to follow a step-by-step guide on registering to vote. Alternatively, why not turn the youth location’s IT suite into a voter registration hub for the day, allowing young people to register to vote? (voting closes 12 November).

To book your session today, email us on hello@youthparliament.wales