Plan your educational visit

Published 26/01/2022   |   Last Updated 06/06/2024   |   Reading Time minutes

Important information before you visit

An Education and Youth Engagement Officer will oversee your educational visit to the Senedd and is able to provide any additional information that you may require. 

All visits will start in the Senedd. 

It is essential that you arrive promptly to go through our security procedures. This might take 10-15 minutes. 

The visit will commence with a guided tour of the Senedd and move to the Education Centre on the ground floor of Tŷ Hywel. The centre comprises of one large purpose-built youth debating chamber (Siambr Hywel) and a large adjoining classroom and lunch room.

The calendar for the next academic year will open on Tuesday the 4th June, 2024. Please be aware that we anticipate some construction work to take place in the Senedd during 2025. We will continue to deliver our education programmes and keep you updated as plans progress.

Risk Assessment 

A risk assessment has been conducted by the Senedd for the time that the group are visiting the Senedd estate under the guidance of the Education and Youth Engagement Officer. You will receive a copy of the Risk Assessment form upon completion of the booking process. Group Leaders are to read this assessment, ensure they understand the control measures in place and requirements placed upon the group.

Supervision and Group Size 

All the Education Team are qualified teachers and have received appropriate training in line with Senedd training procedures.  

Members of the Education Team wear an identification badge which clearly shows that they are staff members. 

The maximum group size permitted by the Senedd is 85 staff and pupils. Should you require to book a larger group, please get in touch as, on occasion, we might be able to accommodate your request.

It is essential that pupils are adequately supervised during their visit to the Senedd. It is the responsibility of the visiting Group Leader to ensure that appropriate levels of supervision are provided at all times. The supervision levels should be compliant with any Local Education Authority requirements.

At no time should supervising staff leave their group unsupervised. 

Information to Pupils  

The content of the Senedd's risk assessment, as well as those identified in your own risk assessment, should be communicated to the pupils and accompanying visiting staff prior to the visit. The pupils should, at least, understand the following points:  

  • The reasons for the visit and its objectives 
  • The hazards identified and the precautions in place  
  • The standard of behaviour expected  
  • The importance of following the instructions provided by the Group Leader and staff of the Senedd 
  • Who is responsible for the group 
  • What to do if someone from outside the group approaches them  

They should also understand that the Senedd is a public and working environment.

Access Requirements 

It is important that any access requirements or special needs are communicated to the booking team when the initial booking is made.


As part of the visit we may take photographs of the children participating in activities. The images may appear in printed publications or websites of the Senedd and/or Members of the Senedd. If these images are published we will not refer to individual pupils by name.

Personal Belongings

All personal belongings will need to pass through the X-ray scanner on arrival.

Pupils must ensure that there are no sharp items (e.g. scissors, fruit knives) in their personal belongings. Any such items will be confiscated by Security staff for the duration of the visit.

No storage facilities are provided for pupils’ belongings, therefore we would advise that pupils bring a minimum of personal belongings with them.

Pupils are responsible for their own personal belongings during a visit.

Emergency Evacuation

During your visit Your Education and Youth Engagement Officer will provide instructions which are suitable to the age of your group and will include fire procedures, conduct whilst on site, and any potential hazards associated with the visit. Expectations with regard to their behaviour will be outlined before the visit commences. 

Fire alarms will ring continuously when the alarm is activated from anywhere within the building. The Education Officer and members of staff (including the Fire Wardens) will ensure that the group is immediately evacuated from the building using the nearest exit. The group should proceed to the relevant Fire Assembly Point.  

First Aid Facilities

First aid rooms and equipment are available if needed.

Any incident or accident involving a member of the educational group during the visit to the site should be notified to the Education and Youth Engagement Officer or a member of the Security Team.

Group Leaders are to ensure an Accident or Incident form is completed which will be forwarded to the Health and Safety Team to ensure appropriate action is taken.