Power of your Vote : A Mock Election Event

Published 24/01/2021   |   Last Updated 31/03/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

Date and time: 

Tuesday, 13 April 2021 17.00 GMT 


Online Event 

About this event: 

Suitable for young people aged 15-25 

Don't leave your debating skills in the classroom or at home. 

Take them further and be part of something bigger this year by taking part in our virtual mock election event. 

Form a political party and join the debate or register as a spectator to watch.    


Interested in forming your own political party and taking part in the event?

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Interested in watching the event and taking part in the Q and A?

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Additional information: 

If you are under 18, by signing up to this event, you agree that you have parental consent to take part. 

Once you have applied you will receive a confirmation email that includes further information and top tips to help you form your party and prepare for the event.  

A member of the team will be available to offer additional help if needed.  

The event will be held bilingually in both English and Welsh.  

Free translation will be available on the day.