Am Olygfa - What a Scenery - Çî Nemayane

Am Olygfa - What a Scenery - Çî Nemayane

Am Olygfa - What a Scenery - Çî Nemayane

Published 14/02/2024   |   Last Updated 01/05/2024   |   Reading Time minutes

Image © Snobar Avani

Kurdish All Wales Association

Sponsored by Heledd Fychan MS and Darren Millar MS

Dates: 6 April - 17 May 2024

Location: Pierhead Futures Gallery

The Kurdish All Wales Association (KAWA) is a Cardiff-based organization committed to enriching the lives of the Kurdish community in Wales. Their mission revolves around providing essential services, fostering cultural understanding, and establishing strong bonds with diverse communities across Wales.

“Am Olygfa - What a Scenery - Çî Nemayane is the first of its kind in Wales and Britain. The exhibition brings together the works of twenty highly acclaimed Kurdish artists, hailing from Canada, America, Europe, and Central Kurdistan. Inspired by the vivid imagery found within the verses of Goran, one of the Kurdish nation's most eminent poets, these artists weave a tapestry of creativity that resonates across continents.”

“Much like Welsh and other European bards who have shaped the language of their nations, Goran's influence on Kurdish culture is profound.”

“Through the lens of Goran's verses, these artists present a diverse array of visual interpretations, creating a dialogue between the poetic traditions of Kurdistan and the broader literary influences that have shaped cultures worldwide.”

“Join us in this groundbreaking celebration, where we mark a pivotal moment in the cultural exchange between Wales, Britain, and the global Kurdish diaspora.”

- Alan Deelan, Project Director