Published 16/05/2022   |   Last Updated 16/05/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales; Centre for Archaeology and Innovation, Ireland; Aberystwyth University; and Geological Survey, Ireland

Sponsored by Julie James MS

Dates: 28 May – 14 July

Location: Senedd Oriel

CHERISH brings together a team of archaeologists, geographers and marine scientists studying the effects of climate change on coastal and maritime heritage across Wales and Ireland.

“We are investigating a range of places around the coast including shipwrecks, promontory forts, wetlands and sand dunes.”

“To help us understand the impacts of weather and climate at these sites we use the latest technology to record and monitor change.”

“We also undertake community excavations to help us learn as much as possible about these threatened landscapes before they are lost forever. Our results will help to inform practices and policy in the future.”

The CHERISH exhibition details the work of the project and the impact of climate change on our cultural heritage. It also includes responses to the sites studied, created by artists Pete Monaghan and Julian Ruddock.

CHERISH is a six-year European-funded project which began in January 2017. It will run until June 2023, benefiting from €4.9 million through the Ireland-Wales 2014-2020 Programme.