SONG OF THE TREES Rainforest Symphony

Published 08/06/2022   |   Last Updated 09/06/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

Cheryl Beer and the Rainforests of Wales

Sponsored by Lee Waters MS

Dates: 21 June – 2 July

Location: Senedd Neuadd

SONG OF THE TREES Rainforest Symphony invites audiences to connect with the environment through a unique collaboration with nature, where for the first time, the Rainforests of Wales sing out from beneath the bark to the digital world.

Hearing impaired, environmental sound artist and composer Cheryl Beer, has spent the last year working with the ancient Rainforests of Wales, composing music led by the vascular systems of five remaining enclaves.

Her work reunites ancient Celtic grounds that would once have been joined together under the soil by the fine feathery threads of mycelium fungus, standing as one magnificent rainforest, and yet today, fragmented and fragile.

By repurposing hearing aid and sensitive biomedical sound equipment, Cheryl has collated biorhythms created by conductivity deep within trees, ferns and moss, using these readings to unearth and compose a Symphony where every musical note played, is led by the ancient rainforests, themselves.

SONG OF THE TREES is an Unlimited Main Commission funded by the Arts Council of Wales.