Tardis and Dalek

Published 20/11/2023   |   Last Updated 21/11/2023   |   Reading Time minutes

Props from Doctor Who, a BBC TV series
Sponsored by the Llywydd, Rt. Hon. Elin Jones MS

Dates: 24 November – 2 December
Location: Senedd Oriel 

tardis  dalek

The Senedd is proud to be a part of the celebrations marking the 60th Anniversary celebrations of the Doctor Who TV series.

Doctor Who is the longest running sci fi show in the world. The Doctor’s epic adventures across Space and Time has provided entertainment and enjoyment to audiences across six decades and has been proudly made in Wales for almost twenty years.   

The Senedd has been a filming location for Doctor Who on multiple occasions. You may recognise the surroundings in the season three episode, ‘The Lazarus Experiment’.

To mark the celebration all 800 episodes landed on BBC iPlayer on the 1st of November.


Clip from 'The Lazarus Experiment’ ©BBC