Security and Access

Published 15/12/2020   |   Last Updated 17/02/2024   |   Reading Time minutes


The Welsh Parliament is committed to delivering an excellent standard of service to all its visitors.

Security access arrangements, security access systems and procedures have been designed to provide free access to non restricted areas, while at the same time ensuring the safety of the building and everyone within it. Visitors will be provided with:

  • a clean and pleasant environment;
  • accurate information;
  • respect to your dignity and culture;
  • clear instructions on emergency situations; and
  • trained staff in first aid and a first aid room.

All visitors must comply with entry conditions to the building:

  • access can be refused if under the influence of alcohol;
  • food, alcohol and unsealed drinks cannot be brought into the building;
  • if you behave inappropriately you will be asked to leave;
  • you must vacate the building when requested; and
  • the number of visitors will be controlled for Health and Safety purposes.

These conditions are in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all visitors and staff and are subject to change as and when the threat level alters. The following procedures must be complied with:

  • X-Ray screening of items which visitors seek to bring into the estate;
  • detection archways to detect metal carried by individuals;
  • use of hand wand for further investigation if metal detected; and
  • observation by security staff.

All visitors must comply with these procedures.


Restricted Area Access

Entry to restricted areas is controlled by proximity access points. Visitors can gain access to restricted areas if they are escorted by authorised building pass holders. Visitor passes are issued by reception and must be worn and displayed whilst in the building.



The design of the Senedd is that it should be exemplar in terms of accessibility for all.

This was achieved in terms of all public areas with the assistance of an Access Advisory Group that was established, consisting of representatives of disability interest groups from across Wales, the contractor Taylor Woodrow and RRP.

There were numerous competing priorities between accessibility and broadcasting requirements which have meant that the level of access achieved within the chamber is 70%. This includes access to the Cabinet row.

The design of this building has been described as exemplar in the media. The following enhancements have been included in the design to ensure the building meets its target of being exemplar in terms of accessibility in the public areas:

  • additional lift installed at front of the building for public access to the entrance;
  • enlarged public lift within the building;
  • installation of fire evacuation lifts at the rear of the building;
  • there are public lavatories in the Neuadd and a Changing Places facility is provided with an adult changing bed and hoist;
  • provision of a parent and child room;
  • hearing induction loops installed throughout the building;
  • fully accessible reception desk in terms of staff and visitors;
  • provision for 3 spaces for wheelchair users in the committee room galleries with an additional 2 if required;
  • provision for 9 dedicated spaces for wheelchair users in the debating chamber gallery and seating can be removed for additional spaces if required;
  • 12 parking bays are provided alongside the Senedd Building for disabled people;
  • covered walkways from the parking bays for disabled people to the lifts at the front of the building;
  • signage in Welsh, English and both forms of Braille;
  • provision of tactile markers to the exterior plinths; and
  • operational plans for the utilisation of the building.

See our full Code of Conduct for Visitors (pdf 162kb).

See also: Visitors with an Autism Spectrum Condition.