Tiger Bay and the Docks: 1880s – 1950s

Published 04/03/2023   |   Last Updated 08/03/2023   |   Reading Time minutes

Experience a new exhibition that celebrates the history and communities of Tiger Bay and the docks.

In partnership with The Heritage and Cultural Exchange (HCE), three new displays have been created in the Pierhead that give visitors a glimpse into life in Tiger Bay and the docks from the 1880s – 1950s.

The HCE selected some of their favourite photos from their collection and other local archives to show what the area looked like in the past and how it has changed.

See examples of the types of jobs people did in the docks, Tiger Bay’s thriving commercial district, and the wide variety of leisure activities enjoyed by the community.


“It’s a story that is, I think, inspirational. It’s about social cohesion, it’s about the way in which people from all nationalities, religions and cultures lived and worked together successfully.”

– Gaynor Legall, Chair, Heritage and Cultural Exchange


The Heritage and Cultural Exchange

The Heritage & Cultural Exchange (HCE) is a community organisation that aims to chronicle the heritage and cultural diversity of Tiger Bay and Cardiff Docklands and bring it to the world.

The HCE collection contains images, oral histories and other material that give a snapshot of life in Tiger Bay in the early-mid1900s.

Find out more: www.tigerbay.org.uk.



1. Workers in Cardiff Docks, 1900s © unknown OWLS000339-12

2. Studio portrait, early 1900s © unknown, Hansen & Son OWLS000339-15

3. James Street, c.1920 © unknown OWLS000339-4

4. Wedding of Mohammed Hassan and Katie Link, c.1920 © unknown OWLS000339-13

5. Clarence Road School, 1924/1925 © unknown OWLS000339-1

6. Cricket club photographed in Loudoun Square Gardens, 1927 © unknown OWLS000339-21

7. Lower Bute Street, 1937 © unknown OWLS000339-8

8. Pilgrimage to Mecca procession, 1938 © unknown OWLS000339-18

9. Children at a street party, c.1953 © unknown OWLS000339-22