Apply to hold your event

Published 24/02/2021   |   Last Updated 04/04/2024   |   Reading Time minutes

Holding an event on the Senedd estate gives you the opportunity to raise the profile of your organisation and its issues and concerns.

Submit an application form now, to find out if we can host your event.


Events at the Senedd

Event spaces at the Senedd can be booked by Members of the Senedd, Member Support Staff, Commission Staff; and requested by external organisers.

Events at the Senedd are typically split into three different categories:

    1. Event: to be held in one of our public event spaces - the Senedd or the Pierhead – which can involve receptions, performances, networking events, information stands, awards ceremonies, conferences, lectures, or similar.
    2. Seminar or briefing: to be hosted in Conference Rooms C&D in Tŷ Hywel during defined event slots. These activities may involve a seminar, roundtable discussion or briefing session, and are aimed at a small group of Members of the Senedd for information sharing. 
    3. Y Farchnad (marketplace): Host a stand at one of our marketplace events in the Oriel.

How to apply for your event

  1. Please complete an application form, providing as much detail as possible about your event. We recommend applying 5-6 months before your event date.

  2. Once we’ve received your application it will be assessed and reviewed to ensure it meets our terms and conditions.

  3. If your event is approved, we will contact you to confirm the assigned date, time and location and provide information on next steps.

  4. Before your event takes place, we will require proof of sponsorship by a Member of the Senedd, and a copy of your invitation text to approve prior to issue.

  5. Six-eight weeks prior to your event, you will be assigned an Event Officer who will work with you to finalise all the operational details for the delivery of your event.

  6. You must invite all 60 Members of the Senedd to attend your event, further details on our Terms and Conditions can be found here.