Important information about booking an event

Published 04/04/2024   |   Last Updated 18/04/2024   |   Reading Time minutes

  • New requests are considered no earlier than eleven months prior to the event. Applications for further ahead than eleven months will be held on file and considered eleven months prior to the requested event date.
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are our most in-demand days and whilst we will do all we can to accommodate your preferred date and location, we may suggest an alternative date or location than requested on your booking form.
  • All events must be sponsored by a Member of the Senedd. To seek sponsorship for your event, please contact a Member here.
  • All events held within our event hours will receive event planning support, Audio Visual and Interpretation from Welsh to English.
  • All content must prominently display the name of the sponsoring Member of the Senedd. You must submit all invitations, notices or circulars that reference the event to our Venues Team at ​​for approval prior to use. Failing to comply with this step may result in your event being cancelled.

Securing Member sponsorship for your event

  • To find out who represents you go to the Members of the Senedd page or contact us for further information.
  • Alternatively, you can aim your event towards a particular committee - go to our committee page to see a list of subjects committees cover and the Members of the Senedd who sit on each committee.
  • For more information or advice contact the Venues Team at or telephone us directly on 0300 200 6208.​