Activities for Children

Published 03/11/2022   |   Last Updated 23/11/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

The Senedd has a play area for children complete with toys, sensory play and a large map of Wales.

We also have a range of activities for children during school holidays, and a Senedd explorer trail to keep little ones entertained all year round.

Play Area

Our family-friendly area has lots of toys to play with and a large map of Wales to explore.

We also have a range of sensory play items like building blocks, sound buttons and shakers.

While the children are playing you can enjoy a coffee in the Senedd café, which is only a few feet away.


Senedd Explorers

Explore the Senedd with our activity journal!

Are you ready to be a Senedd Explorer? As you explore the building there are five activities for you to try.

Start at the maps of Wales, make your way to the funnel, find the Welsh dresser, and discover the viewing gallery!

Have a go at each activity to get your Senedd Explorer sticker.


There’s a lot more to explore during your visit to the Senedd like exhibitions and tours.

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