International Women's Day 2022

Published 22/02/2022   |   Last Updated 31/03/2022   |   Reading Time minutes


About this event:

Childcare and parental employment – barriers and opportunities

During the pandemic mothers with young children have reported doing considerably more childcare and home-schooling than fathers, working fewer hours and losing earnings.

Insufficient childcare provision creates barriers for parents, particularly women, seeking to re-enter and progress in the labour market, which is the main driver of the gender pay gap.

Join this virtual event as part of the Senedd’s efforts to mark International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022, where our panel of speakers will share experiences of childcare and parental employment across Wales, and discuss what can be done to overcome the challenges faced by exploring the Equality and Social Justice Committee most recent report ‘Minding the Future: the childcare barrier facing working parents’.

Chaired by the Chair of the Equality and Social Justice Committee, Jenny Rathbone MS, our panel of speakers will hear from representatives of the sector, parents and contributors to the inquiry, and members of the Committee.