Domestic Fire Safety (Wales) Measure 2011

Published 19/08/2022   |   Last Updated 06/09/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

Member in charge: Ann Jones AM

Date of introduction: 8 July 2010

Date of Royal Approval: 7 April 2011

This Measure aims to reduce the incidence of death and injury from fires in newly created residences in Wales by placing a duty on the construction industry to ensure that each new residence built in Wales must be provided with an automatic fire suppression system that operates effectively and complies with regulations which are to be made by the Welsh Ministers.

A failure to meet this duty would be treated as equivalent to a breach of building regulations under the Building Act 1984. Such a duty only applies to the construction of new residences in Wales.


Measure as Introduced - 8 July 2010

Explanatory Memorandum at Introduction

On 6 July 2010, the Business Committee agreed, in accordance with standing orders, to refer the proposed Measure to Legislation Committee No. 1, to consider and report on the general principles.

Stage 1 consideration by Legislation Committee 1

Stage 1 report on the proposed Domestic Fire Safety (Wales) Measure 2011- 12 November 2008

Stage 2 Consideration by the Legislation Committee 1

Stage 3 & Stage 4 Consideration was in Plenary on 16 February 2011

Measure as enacted (


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