Legislation - Third Assembly

New legislative powers were conferred on the National Assembly for Wales at the start of the Third Assembly in May 2007. These new powers were provided for in the Government of Wales Act 2006, which allows for the Assembly to pass legislation in areas where it has legislative competence.

Subordinate Legislation

Subordinate legislation is the laws brought forward by Ministers under powers delegated by an Act or Measure of the Assembly or by an Act of Parliament.

In passing an Act, the Assembly approves its principles, general objectives and important points of detail. However, the Act will usually give Welsh Ministers, or some other body, powers to make detailed rules and regulations or compel action relating to how the main law is implemented.

Subordinate Legislation is also referred to as secondary legislation, delegated legislation or statutory instruments. It includes orders, regulations, rules and schemes, and can include statutory guidance and local orders.

The Assembly procedures relevant to most Subordinate Legislation are set out in Standing Orders 24 and 25. Subordinate Legislation was scrutinised by the Constitutional Affairs Committee under Standing Order 15.


Subordinate Legislation Report - Third Assembly - PDF

Subordinate Legislation Report - Third Assembly - Word