National Assembly for Wales Commissioner for Standards Measure 2009

Published 19/08/2022   |   Last Updated 06/09/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

Member in charge: Jeff Cuthbert AM - Chair of the Standards of Conduct Committee

Date of introduction: 25 March 2009

Date of Royal Approval: 9 December 2009

This Measure places the position of the Commissioner for Standards on a statutory basis. It will ensure that the Commissioner is totally independent of the National Assembly and therefore able to investigate complaints against Assembly Members with complete objectivity. It will also provide the Commissioner with powers to enable him or her to investigate complaints rigorously, including the power to require third parties to provide relevant information.

The current Commissioner for Standards, Gerard Elias QC, was appointed on 17 November 2010.


Measure as Introduced - 25 March 2009

Explanatory Memorandum at Introduction

On 31 March 2009, the Business Committee agreed, in accordance with standing orders, to refer the Measure to Legislation Committee No 1, for Stage 2 detailed consideration. 

Stage 2 Consideration by the Legislation Committee No 1

Stage 3 & Stage 4 Consideration was in Plenary on 14 October 2009

Measure as enacted (

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