Learning and Skills (Wales) Measure 2009

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Member in charge: John Griffiths AM - Deputy Minister for Skills

Date of introduction: 7 July 2008

Date of Royal Approval: 13 May 2009

The Measure is a move towards the implementation of the 14 - 19 Learning Pathways for young people. According to the Welsh Government, the purpose of the Measure is to ensure that learners aged between 14 and 19 can choose from a wide range of vocational and general courses.

The Measure also provides learners between 14 and 19 with an equal opportunity to take up a range of educational options, irrespective of where in Wales they happen to live.


Measure as Introduced - 07/07/2008

Explanatory Memorandum at Introduction

Stage 1 consideration by the Proposed Learning and Skills (Wales) Measure Committee

Stage 1 report on the Learning and Skills (Wales) Measure 2009 -02/12/2008

On 9 December 2008, The Business Committee agreed, in accordance with standing orders, to refer the proposed Measure to the Legislation Committee No 2, for Stage 2 proceedings. 

Stage 2 Consideration by the Legislation Committee No. 2

Stage 3 & Stage 4 Consideration was in Plenary on 17 March 2009 

Measure as enacted (legislation.gov.uk)


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