Learner Travel (Wales) Measures 2008

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Member in charge: Ieuan Wyn Jones AM - Deputy First Minister and Minister for the Economy and Transport

Date of introduction: 15 April 2008

Date of Royal Approval: 10 December 2008

This Measure makes provision about the travel of pupils receiving primary, secondary or further education or training to and from schools or other places where they receive it.

The Welsh Government’s main objectives in implementing the Measure is to:

  • Increase entitlement to free transport to school for primary school children if they live two miles or further away;
  • Re-enact entitlement for free transport for secondary school children if they live three miles or further away from the nearest suitable school;
  • Provide entitlement to free transport to school if the parents wish that their child be educated at a school of a religious character, subject to age/distance criteria, if the nearest suitable school is not of such character;
  • Introduce a specific requirement to assess and provide for the needs of looked after children and to clarify related payment arrangements between local authorities in Wales;
  • Require local authorities and the Welsh Ministers, when exercising their functions under the Measure, to promote access to Welsh medium education;
  • Require Welsh Ministers to make a code of conduct in relation to travel to and from places of learning and require this to become part of a school’s behaviour policy; and
  • Give local authorities the power to change school session times if that can improve transport arrangements or environmental sustainability.


Measure as Introduced - 15/04/2008

Explanatory Memorandum at Introduction

The Business Committee decided that, in accordance with Standing Orders, the consideration of the general principles of the proposed Measure by a committee could be bypassed.

Stage 2 Consideration by the proposed Learner Travel (Wales) Measure Committee

Stage 3 & Stage 4 Consideration was in Plenary on 30/09/2008

Measure as enacted (legislation.gov.uk)


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