Healthy Eating in Schools (Wales) Measure 2009

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Member in charge: Jenny Randerson AM

Date of introduction: 14 March 2008

Date of Royal Approval: 15 October 2009

The purpose of this Measure is to provide a holistic and comprehensive policy on nutrition which ensures that healthy eating is promoted and supported for all registered pupils of schools maintained by Local Education Authorities (“LEAs”) in Wales.

The Measure:

  • Imposes a duty on schools and local education authorities to promote healthy eating and drinking;
  • Provides Welsh Ministers with powers to make regulations setting out in detail the content of food served in schools, including powers to specify maximum levels of fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar in food provided for pupils;
  • Imposes a duty on local authorities to ensure that a supply of water is available free of charge; and
  • Requires local authorities to promote the availability and consumption of school meals and milk in general, and free school lunches and milk in particular.


Measure as Introduced - 14 March 2008

Explanatory Memorandum at Introduction

Stage 1 consideration by the Proposed Healthy Eating in Schools (Wales) Measure 2009 Committee

Stage 1 report on the Proposed Healthy Eating in Schools (Wales) Measure 2009 - 06 October 2008

On 26 November 2008, the Business Committee agreed, in accordance with standing orders, to refer the proposed Measure to Legislation Committee No 1, for Stage 2 proceedings.

Stage 2 Consideration by the Legislation Committee No 2

Stage 3 & Stage 4 Consideration was in Plenary on 8 July 2009

Measure as enacted (

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