Housing (Wales) Measure 2011

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Member in charge: Jocelyn Davies AM - Deputy Minister for Housing

Date of introduction: 22 November 2010

Date of Royal Approval: 10 May 2011

This Measure makes provisions that aim to support the more effective delivery of affordable housing in Wales. The Measure contains two broad elements:

  • The Measure enables Welsh Ministers to temporarily suspend the right to buy, the preserved right to buy and the right to acquire held by tenants of a social housing provider in Wales, on application from a Local Housing Authority in areas of acute housing pressure; and
  • The Measure provides Welsh Ministers with enhanced regulatory and intervention powers concerning the provision of housing by Registered Social Landlords.


Measure as Introduced - 22 November 2010

Explanatory Memorandum at Introduction

On 16 November 2010, the Business Committee agreed, in accordance with standing orders,  to refer the proposed Measure to Legislation Committee No. 2, to consider and report on the general principles.

Stage 1 consideration by the Legislation Committee No 2

Stage 1 report on the proposed Housing (Wales) Measure 2011 - 18 January 2011

Stage 2 Consideration by the Legislation Committee No 2

Stage 3 & Stage 4 Consideration was in Plenary on 22 March 2011

Measure as enacted (legislation.gov.uk)

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