Scrutiny of public spending

Published 26/06/2023   |   Last Updated 30/08/2023   |   Reading Time minutes

Every year the Welsh Government plans how it’ll spend public money.

This information is published in the Government’s draft budget.


Welsh Government Draft Budget

The Finance Committee looks at the whole draft budget. Other committees examine parts of the draft budget that relate to their subject areas. The purpose of this work is to examine spending plans.

Committees look at whether:

  • the plans are clear
  • the Welsh Government can explain, and show, how its plans are fair, and its spending delivers value for money for everyone.

Committees can suggest changes to the Welsh Government’s spending plans.

They must make sure they explain how the changes should be funded (e.g. if they want to spend more on something, they have to say where this money should come from).


Scrutiny of previous Welsh Government spending

Committees also look at how the Government has spent its money in the past.

This helps them make informed suggestions about how money can be better used. The Public Accounts and Public Administration Committee does a lot of this work.





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