Bereavement support - Nominated for Petition of the Year 2022

Published 29/06/2022   |   Last Updated 25/07/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

A petition to support families who unexpectedly lose a child or young adult aged 25 years and under. 

“In February 2012 my son George died suddenly in an Emergency Unit in Wales. We walked out into the night with nothing, alone and frightened. Nobody came, nobody reached out to support us and it was left to devastated friends and family to support my husband Paul and I. Five days after we lost our son my surviving two young children and I faced more heartache when Paul took his own life. Once again nobody came.” - Rhian Mannings, Petitioner.  

The petition raised awareness of: 

  • the lack of short and long term support for families whose loved ones die unexpectedly  
  • the impact on the mental health of families who are grieving.  

What happened? 

  • Petition was debated in the Senedd chamber on 3 November 2021. 
  • Welsh Government pledged nearly £1.5 million to NHS health boards to help with bereavement coordination and implementation of bereavement standards.
  • The Minister for Health and Social Services agreed to work with the petitioner and charity she founded to ensure support is consistent across Wales. 



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