Cervical screening debate - Nominated for Petition of the Year 2022

Published 29/06/2022   |   Last Updated 25/07/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

A petition to reinstate cervical screening to every three years, following Public Health Wales’ announcement to change screening from three to five years.

“There has been no public consultation and upon release has been met with anger, sadness and serious concern for the cervical health of Welsh women.” Petitioner 


The petition raised awareness of:  

  • the women’s health debate 
  • how important it is to highlight why decisions are made, particularly those around health. 

What happened? 

  • Petition was debated in the Senedd chamber on 19 January 2022 – following an unprecedented wave of support for the petition (30,133 signatures)
  • Petition was a platform for a national conversation about the concerns raised by women 
  • Minister for Health and Social Services confirmed that Public Health Wales had apologised for its communication errors – the debate and media coverage gave a high profile platform to messages that the changes were approved by health professionals following improved testing to identify those at higher risk.  



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