Pound coins and a five pound note.

Pound coins and a five pound note.

“The Welsh Government needs to make benefits easier to ease Cost of Living pressures” - Senedd Economy Committee

Published 28/07/2022   |   Last Updated 01/08/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

The Welsh Government has been told to simplify Welsh-devolved benefits in a report launched today by the Senedd’s Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee.

The Committee has been urgently looking at the challenges facing people during the cost-of-living crisis and has warned the Welsh Government that people may be losing out on key lifeline services because of an over-complex applications system.

Welsh benefits

Currently, benefits funded by the Welsh Government are issued in several different ways.The Committee is calling on the Welsh Government to explore the idea of a one-stop portal for households across Wales to apply directly for the different means-tested schemes.

The report says that it would not only make things easier but increase take-up and help to end the post-code lottery on systems that currently vary by local authority area.

The Committee is pushing for the Welsh Government to look at extending the eligibility of its means-tested schemes to support lower income households with livings costs, energy bills and the soaring price of food.

Supporting rural communities

‘Off-grid’ households in rural Wales are paying a “rural premium” according to the report, with things such as heating oil prices increasing 128% over the last 12 months and support being thin on the ground.

The Committee is very concerned about the forthcoming winter. Members think that the current Welsh Government support is inadequate as interventions via vouchers such as DAF (discretionary assistance fund) only cover2000 of the 275,000 off-grid properties. It says ‘robust support’ must be made available to off-grid consumers ahead of winter and that longer-term support for harder to reach houses is needed.

In work

The report is also outlining that more must be done to support those in work who are increasingly struggling, and calling for all public sector organisations in Wales to pay the real Living Wage. The Committee is particularly highlighting local authorities and health boards where an uplift in wages and an improvement in conditions such as sick pay is needed.

There are warnings in the report that without cost-of-living interventions there will be more instances of workers experiencing mental ill-health because of the mounting financial pressures.The Committee is calling on the Welsh Government to work with partners to support those who are already suffering.


The Committee has also called for interventions to support Businesses weather the escalating cost of living. Members are pushing for short term measures similar to the relief businesses received though COVID and then longer-term support to reduce dependency on oil and gas.



  Paul Davies MS 

  Chair of the Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee




“The escalating cost of living can be felt all across Wales.

“Although the Welsh Government is trying to support people through the crisis, our inquiry has shown that the support is simply not reaching enough people -the benefits available are complex and that can affect take up. We need to see a simpler system, so the schemes are easier and more accessible to increase take-up.

“The Committee believes the Welsh Government should use its considerable ‘soft power’ to improve terms and conditions for the lowest paid, for example by improving sick pay for social care workers and providing a fair wage for those paid from the public purse.

“I’m particularly concerned about the impact of the increased costs of heating fuel. I urge the Welsh Government to act before winter to support people living in rural off-grid properties.”



With high rates of inflation, the lowest paid are feeling the pinch hardest and the report today, with 27 recommendations, outlines how more must be done to support those feeling the squeeze.


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