Wales’ future politicians speak up for young people in Senedd Mock Election

Published 26/02/2021   |   Last Updated 10/03/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

Five groups of passionate young voters from all over Wales will give Senedd politicians a run for their money in a virtual Mock Election. 

The groups of young people have been set the challenge of forming five fictional political parties and presenting the issues that are important to them in the It's Debatable : A Mock Election Event hosted by the Senedd this Friday evening, 26 February, 17.00.

Each party will present what matters most to them and how they think their parties would make Wales better, in the hope of persuading the audience to vote for their party. The parties are:

  • Equal Wales - Lola Thair, Isabel Williams, Bethan Nicholas Thomas, Bonnie Connor, Stella Orrin. All members of the Neath Port Talbot Youth Forum

“Equal Wales are passionate about having a platform to have their voices heard, they have a keen interest in politics and making a difference. They are passionate about young people’s rights, climate change, education, free school meals and having free sanitary products available.”

Top topics: Education, Mental Health, Free school meals, Free sanitary products


  • Ardudwy Dragons - Daniella Paganuzzi, Chloe Lois Roberts. Amelia Bailey, Connie Fflur Rose Foskett-Barnard, David Bisseker, Olivia Amanda Mead, Jessica Jane Hughes. All members of Gwynedd Youth Service.

“Ardudwy Dragons are passionate about mental health, especially for young people during the current pandemic and are keen to get it on the school curriculum. We are keen on raising more awareness on mental health and environmental issues.”

Top topics: Mountain rescue, Mental Health, Youth Clubs


  • Creative Cymru Creadigol - Rebecca Joliffe, Nick Francis, Erin Gruffydd, Emily Farley, Erin Williams from National Youth Arts Wales

“We are passionate on many issues such as arts funding, environment, the economy and  accessibility and equality for everyone (BAME, LGBTQ+, People with Disabilities). Creative Cymru Creadigol are keen on making it mandatory for buildings to be accessible to people with disabilities and to have more inclusivity in the education system.”

Top Topics: Arts funding, Environment, Economy, Equality for all


  • Advanced! - Joel Jones, Lucy Nicholls of Treorchy Comprehensive

“We are passionate about everyone having a voice no matter the background, income or situation. Advanced! are keen on addressing issues and resolutions on climate change, education and economic struggles in society, and in getting more people involved in politics as it is vastly important.”

Top topics: Climate change, Education, Economic struggles


  • MTBWYF - Eve Davies, Cari Hope Davies, Corey Shemwell, Dylan Oakley, Lacy Phillips of Merthyr Tydfil Borough Wider Youth Forum

“We are passionate about being part of generation Z. MTBWYF want to further change the world for good and tackle misconceptions about Young People i.e. that we don't do anything productive. We would like to build a brighter future for young people and ensure of voices are heard and are passionate about children's rights and that they are accessible, and to raise awareness on mental health in Wales.”

Top Topics: Children’s rights, Equality, Education, Mental Health


To see the future politicians in action, and to cast your vote, register for the online event and find out more about it on the website  

The It's Debatable : A Mock Election Event is organised by Senedd Cymru as part of a  Vote 16 Week – a series of events, workshops and activities to encourage newly enfranchised 16 and 17 year olds to vote in the 2021 Senedd Election in May. The event is chaired by BBC Political Correspondent Teleri Glyn Jones who will grill the parties on their policies to find out more about how they will change Wales for the better.

The party with the most votes will be given an opportunity to have their issues published in an online article on 

Use Your Voice in Senedd Election 2021

 If you call Wales your home and you are over 16 years of age you can register to Use Your Voice and vote in the 2021 Senedd Election – the deadline to register is 19 April. Information about registration, how to vote and what it means is available on Also available via the Senedd election hub is a range of information and free online resources for individuals, groups and schools who want to learn more about the elections and why it’s important to take part.