Legislation in the Fourth Assembly … the story so far

Published 17/09/2014   |   Last Updated 17/09/2014

The first major piece of housing legislation for Wales (created through devolved powers) is likely to receive Royal Assent this month. Bute_esplanade_by_Walt_Jabsco Image by Walt Jabsco on Flickr The Housing (Wales) Act will be the sixteenth Act passed by the National Assembly for Wales to receive Royal Assent since 2011. The range of legislation passed by the Assembly is broad, and ranges from Active Travel to Public Audit. Following the ‘yes’ vote in the 2011 Wales devolution referendum, the National Assembly for Wales has had primary law making powers. This means it can make laws on all subjects within its competence, without first needing permission from the UK parliament. More information about the legislation process Fourteen of the Acts passed by the National Assembly for Wales so far were introduced by the Welsh Government. One of the Acts was introduced by the Assembly Commission (the National Assembly for Wales (Official Languages) Act), and one by an individual Assembly Member (the Mobile Homes (Wales) Act). Information about individual Acts A further six Bills are currently at different stages of the National Assembly for Wales’ legislative process. Three of these Bills were introduced by the Welsh Government, and three by individual Assembly Members. One of these Bills (the Recovery of Medical Costs for Asbestos Diseases (Wales) Bill) has been passed by the National Assembly for Wales, but has been referred to the Supreme Court by the Counsel General to the Welsh Government. Access further information about the individual Bills currently being considered by the Assembly Ahead of the next National Assembly for Wales elections in May 2016, the volume of legislation being considered by the Assembly is likely to only increase. It is anticipated that one individual Assembly Member will introduce a Bill, and the Welsh Government’s Legislative Programme for 2014-15 sets out a further ten Bills that it intends to introduce. Keep up to date with Assembly legislation on our Legislation pages