Trying a new report format: the Finance Committee’s Consideration of Powers: Public Services Ombudsman for Wales report

Published 07/09/2015   |   Last Updated 07/09/2015

This year, the Assembly’s Finance Committee looked into the powers of the Public Services Ombudsman in Wales. The Committee published a full-length report with its findings in May 2015. Official committee reports tend to be quite long and include a large amount of evidence received from stakeholders and the Welsh Government. These reports are published on the relevant Assembly committee’s webpage. The official version of any report is important as it contains all the evidence and recommendations/findings of the committee and it provides transparency.   In an attempt to make the findings of reports more accessible to people who might be interested in the Finance Committee’s work, an at-a-glance report on the inquiry into the Ombudsman’s powers was released alongside the official report. This was designed to be read by flicking through it on a tablet or a phone, or scrolling on a desktop computer. To make the report more accessible the word count was reduced, the language was simplified, images added, and quotes inserted from Committee meetings to provide the reader with an overview of the Committee’s report. Here are the final versions: Should the Ombudsman have more powers? Summary report   This is the full version of the report: Finance Committee's Report on Consideration of Powers: Public Services Ombudsman for Wales (PDF, 605KB) If you have time to read both and compare them, we would welcome any feedback: please send to