Welsh Honours System - have your say

Published 08/01/2010   |   Last Updated 08/01/2010

*update* As we have had such a good response to the request for views on a Welsh Honours System, we are leaving the blog open for comments for an extra week until 19 February. The views will then be collated and considered by the Petitions Committee on 9 March. An update will be posted here, once the Committee have considered your views. Thank you for all your contributions so far.


The Petitions Committee of the National Assembly for Wales is considering a petition that calls for the introduction of a Welsh Honours System. This would recognise significant achievements by Welsh people. The Committee is keen to find out what you think about it. Do you think this is a good idea or not? What are your thoughts about this? If you do think it is a good idea, who would you like to see honoured? What sort of activities do you think should be honoured, and how should they be honoured? Do you have any other thoughts or suggestions about the issue? Please post your comments below, or alternatively you can email us at petition@wales.gsi.gov.uk or you can write to us: Committee Clerk Petitions Committee National Assembly for Wales Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF99 1NA The Petitions Committee has asked for views on this issue before, but are doing so again to ensure that more people get the opportunity to air their views. If you want to be kept updated of progress on the issue, keep your eyes on this blog as we will provide an update once the Committee have considered the responses received. All comments posted to the discussion forums will be pre-moderated by staff at the National Assembly for Wales, which means that posted comments will not appear instantly on the site. Moderation will take place between 9am – 5pm on Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).