Published 02/04/2015   |   Last Updated 02/04/2015

Transport, lack of skills to enter the workforce, issues with work experience, careers advice, and lack of signposting towards things like apprenticeships are just some of the things young people said when discussing the barriers that exist when they are looking for work. The National Assembly for Wales checks how the Welsh Government spends money, and what effect their policies are having on the people of Wales. One of the National Assembly’s committees, the Enterprise and Business Committee has looked into the challenges that young people face when they are trying to find a job. Young people for all over Wales took part in video interviews with the National Assembly’s Outreach team, which were shown to the Assembly Members on the Committee. The Committee also held an event in Swansea where they spoke with front line staff who work with and support young people on a daily basis, told the Committee what they felt the issues were and how they could be addressed. Here are some pictures from the event:  Two participants in discussion at the event in Swansea.  Three participants in discussion at the event in Swansea. Four participants in discussion around a table at the workshop in Swansea. For more images see our Flickr album. After the event the Committee spoke with people at official meetings at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. The Committee have produced a report which they have sent to the Welsh Government. The report includes recommendations on things the Committee thinks the Welsh Government should do to make it easier for young people find work. This video shows what young people told us, and the recommendations the Committee has made to the Welsh Government: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-rYpTdnWR8&w=560&h=315] You can also read a summary of the report here (pdf, 184KB) The Welsh Government will need to respond to the Committee’s recommendations, and the Committee will be keeping an eye on what progress they are making in delivering some of the changes suggested in the report. How to get involved and keep up-to date with the Committee’s work