Primary School Senedd or School Council visit

Published 17/08/2021   |   Last Updated 03/08/2023   |   Reading Time minutes

Available at 10:00-12:00 on Tue, Weds and Thurs mornings and 13:00-15:00 on Thurs afternoons.


Suitable for: Primary School pupils

Duration: 2 hrs

Location: Senedd Estate, Cardiff Bay

£ Free


School Senedd or Council representatives will consider the importance of their roles through exploring the similarities between their work and those of Members of the Senedd (MS).



Students begin their day with a detailed, guided tour of the Senedd, learning more about the role of Members and how they implement changes in Wales. They are then able to participate in activities in our Education Centre - Siambr Hywel.

Siambr Hywel

Within our Education Centre, students will complete workshop activities, considering the qualities that make an effective School Senedd member and discuss how they can best work together as a school Senedd to implement effective changes within their school community. 

Students will then bring these ideas into the original chamber - Siambr Hywel - and can debate a contemporary issue or a topic relevant to their current work as a School Senedd. 



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Additional Information

  • You will need to go through security therefore we would advise all groups to arrive 10 minutes before your visit starts.
  • If you visit on Tuesday or Wednesday morning, you can book tickets to watch Plenary which starts at 13.30.
  • A lunchroom can be booked for your group pre or post visit.
  • A subsidy towards travel costs to the Senedd is available for eligible schools. More about subsidies



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