How Wales is governed?

Published 17/08/2021   |   Last Updated 12/10/2023   |   Reading Time minutes

Available at 10:00-12:00 on Tue, Weds and Thurs mornings and 13:00-15:00 on Thurs afternoons. Suitable for Years 10-13.


Key Stage 4 

Suitable for: Years 10-11

Duration: 2 hrs

Location: Senedd Estate, Cardiff Bay

£ Free


Pupils will understand how Wales is governed and how the Senedd makes laws and scrutinises Welsh Government. 

Pupils will discuss a contemporary issue, make informed recommendations for change and justify their decisions when acting politically using PESTLE analysis as a tool for change.

Debate role play in the original debating chamber.



Begin your visit with a tour of the Senedd, followed by activities in the Education Centre - Siambr Hywel.

Siambr Hywel

Pupils will debate a topic in the original debating chamber, before taking part in an activity to examine an issue using PESTLE analysis as a tool.



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Additional Information

  • You will need to go through security therefore we would advise all groups to arrive 10 minutes before your visit starts.
  • If you visit on Tuesday or Wednesday morning, you can book tickets to watch Plenary which starts at 13.30.
  • A lunchroom can be booked for your group pre or post visit.
  • A subsidy towards travel costs to the Senedd is available for eligible schools. More about subsidies



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