Newport Community Champions

Newport Community Champions

Newport Community Champions

Published 14/12/2023   |   Last Updated 13/03/2024   |   Reading Time minutes

Women of Newport

Sponsored by John Griffiths MS

Dates: 23 January - 1 April 2024

Location: Pirehead Futures Gallery


‘Newport Community Champions’ is the third in a series of exhibitions by Kamila Jarczak and Women of Newport. Through Kamila’s photography, the exhibition celebrates the achievements of local women who support others, connect their communities and bring positivity to Newport. Each woman was nominated by a local person.

“Many individuals do brilliant work. We would like to not only highlight them and their stories, but also connect with each other and build a platform for a future based on collaboration, mutual support and inspiration”.

“Women of Newport work with these individuals. This exhibition supports their efforts whilst inviting future skill-sharing and collaboration between their diverse projects, workshops, and inspirational experiences”.

- Kamila Jarczak   



Images © Kamila Jarczak

Women of Newport was founded by Kamila Jarczak in 2019 to showcase, connect, support and celebrate the wonderful diversity of women in Newport. The group aims to empower the community in Newport by promoting social inclusion and engaging in local projects that make positive change.

Kamila is a professional photographer who owns Kamila J Photography. Kamila’s work has featured in BBC Wales News, BBC Radio Wales, South Wales Argus and more. Locally, she is known for her community work and involvement in different projects such as Newport Rising and Post-War Feminism in Newport.