Attending Plenary

Published 01/09/2020   |   Last Updated 17/02/2024   |   Reading Time minutes

You are welcome to attend the Senedd building to observe Plenary in the Siambr, which is the Senedd's debating chamber. The Public Gallery is fully accessible: including a space for wheelchairs, the live broadcast of the session is viewable on a screen immediately in front of you, and an audio feed is available with headsets provided. 

Plenary is the full meeting of all 60 Members of the Senedd, which takes place in the Siambr and online on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Plenary begins at 13.30 and finishes at 17.00 although this can sometimes vary.  

You can find out what will be discussed in Plenary by viewing the Plenary agenda for that meeting. Copies will be available at the information desk. For further information and enquiries please contact us. 


Considerations before visiting 

  • Please allow approximately 15 minutes to go through security.
  • Please minimise the number of belongings you bring with you, as we have airport-style security, and all visitors and belongings are scanned.

On arrival, you will be welcomed by a member of our team who will provide a brief overview of what to expect in the building. 


Your conduct when attending Plenary 

All electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops must be switched to silent. 

You may be excluded from the Public Gallery if you act in a disorderly or disruptive manner, or if you interfere with the Senedd’s proper conduct of its business. 

When attending Plenary, you must not: 

  • be under the influence of alcohol or drugs; 
  • cause offence to other visitors; 
  • speak loudly or otherwise disrupt the meeting; 
  • bring food or drink into the meeting; 
  • use e-cigarettes during the meeting; 
  • take photographs during the meeting. 


Booking seats 

Although it is not necessary, we suggest booking your place to view business before you visit.

To book a ticket: contact us by telephone (08.30 to 17.30 Monday to Friday).

If you’re no longer able to make it on the day, please let us know and we can reallocate your seat/s.  You can also view live Plenary or an archive of the meetings on