Independent Advisers

In order to fulfil its commitment to accountability and best practice, the Senedd Commission appoints independent advisers. They are appointed for fixed terms following fair and open competition and candidates with a breadth of expertise in the business, industry and other sectors are considered.

They are individuals with a wealth of boardroom, government and public sector experience, at the highest levels, to help the Welsh Parliament meet its own high standards of good governance and efficient use of public money.

The role of the Independent Advisers

The Independent Advisers help to ensure that Commissioners and the Commission’s senior management team are supported and constructively challenged in their roles. They give input into a number of our activities and service areas, bringing with them an external perspective and independence from our management structure.

We draw on the Advisers’ expertise in a range of ways, including considering our performance management and reporting arrangements and in maintaining a critical overview of the Commission’s financial controls and risk management procedures as members of the Senedd Commission Audit and Risk Assurance Committee.

Some are also members of the Remuneration Committee which advises the Commission and the Chief Executive on the Commission’s strategic approach to engagement and workforce development and provides assurance in relation to the Chief Executive and Directors remuneration.

Current Independent Advisors

Previous Independent Advisors