Our Procurement Values


To put sustainability at the heart of our procurement process.

Sustainable procurement is procurement that uses our influence in ways that benefit society, the economy and the environment. It is about looking beyond short-term costs, to decisions based on whole-life costs, including social and environmental implications. We want sustainable purchases that offer good value – not cheap purchases that are unsustainable.

Equality of Opportunity

We will ensure our procurement processes have full regard for equality.

We will comply with all relevant statutory regulations. We will incorporate, where appropriate, equality considerations in specifications and the processes for supplier appraisal, contract award and contractor performance management.

Quality Services

To deliver the quality of services that Members, staff and the public have a right to expect.

We use procurement to deliver our services. We will work collaboratively with suppliers, establishing clear expectations and standards; working with realism; communicating openly; and balancing cost with qualitative factors.

Community Support

To support the community through encouraging small & medium enterprises.

We will be socially responsible and actively encourage the participation of Small and Medium Enterprises in order to share the economic benefits of our procurement fairly. We will maximise access to our contract opportunities by advertising, wherever practical, via Sell2Wales.co.uk

Value for Money

To secure value for money.

We're spending tax payers' money so we don't want to be wasteful! We'll look for the best deal we can find – but not simply the cheapest. We need to balance all our Values in a way that gives us what we want, at a price that represents good value for money. This won't be a one-off event either – we'll work with our longer-term suppliers to identify efficiencies and continuous improvements to the goods and services we procure.


To act professionally, fairly, honestly and transparently.

Trust and public perceptions are important to us. We want the best deal for Wales and we'll only get it by acting in a manner that promotes the highest standards of practice.