Delegation of Senedd Commission Functions

Published 20/09/2021   |   Last Updated 20/09/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

1. In accordance with the provisions of paragraph 7 of Schedule 2 to the Government of Wales Act 2006, the Senedd Commission hereby delegates its functions, including its responsibility for the management of staff, to the Chief Executive and Clerk subject to the following exceptions and conditions.

2. The following matters are excepted from this delegation:

a) the appointment, terms and conditions and remuneration of the Chief Executive and Clerk, non-executive independent advisers to the Commission, and members of the Senedd Commission Audit and Risk Assurance Committee; and
b) the authorisation of expenditure under paragraph 6 of Schedule 2 to the 2006 Act (provision of financial assistance to the Electoral Commission).

3. The Chief Executive and Clerk must consult the Commission before:

a) making appointments to any Director level posts;
b) changing the remuneration and terms and conditions for the staff occupying those posts;
c) creating new Director posts or abolishing existing Director posts;
d) authorising capital expenditure for projects or contracts in excess of £5 million; and
e) authorising expenditure on matters that could be regarded as novel or contentious.

4. The delegation of functions mentioned above does not prevent the exercise of those delegated functions by the Commission.

Signed on behalf of the Commission by the Presiding Officer


28 July 2021