Executive Board and Leadership Team

Published 01/01/2020   |   Last Updated 20/01/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the strategic decision making body for all matters, within the Chief Executive’s delegated authority from the Senedd Commission, and is responsible for the overall delivery of the organisation’s goals and priorities.  The Board is also an advisory body to the Senedd Commission, to ensure that it receives the best possible advice in setting the Commission’s Strategy, goals and priorities, the Budget, and in taking decisions.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Commission’s resources are planned to meet known requirements, are allocated according to corporate priority and staffing resources are managed within agreed establishment and funding limits.


Leadership Team

The Leadership Team will be an advisory body to the Executive Board and an enabler for effective delivery of operational plans, priorities, and our governance arrangements. It will act collectively in for the corporate interest of the Commission.

As leaders of the organisation, the Team will be responsible for the exchange and dissemination of information and will work constructively across services to improve and strengthen the development of ideas and proposals that will be considered by Executive Board or Commission to ensure that the Commission’s budgets and resources are used efficiently and flexibly to effect the delivery of services and priorities across the organisation.

The Leadership Team will be required to work within delegations made by the Executive Board and within the governance and assurance framework.