Communications and Engagement Directorate

Published 19/08/2020   |   Last Updated 19/08/2020   |   Reading Time minutes

The Directorate provides the following services:

  • Secretariat to the Commission; Secretariat to Leadership Team;
  • Support to the Presiding Officer and Deputy;
  • Support to Chief Executive and Directors;
  • Secretariat to the Remuneration Committee;
  • Members’ Business Support;
  • the Parliamentary Venues and Visitors Services;
  • Liaison and Professional Development for Members and their staff; 
  • The Communications team; and
  • the Translation and Reporting Service

Secretariat to the Commission

The Secretariat arranges the meetings of the Commission, commissions papers, prepares and publishes the minutes. Individual Commissioners have Portfolio responsibilities for certain areas of the Commission staff’s work, and the Secretariat supports them in this role by arranging meetings and visits as appropriate.

Secretariat to Executive Board and Leadership Team

The Secretariat arranges meetings, commissions papers and prepares the minutes.

Support to the Presiding Officer and Deputy

This involves managing the Presiding Officers’ diaries, liaising with their constituency offices, managing all correspondence, commissioning advice and draft replies from other service areas, commissioning speaking notes, and liaising with the Welsh Government’s Cabinet Secretariat as necessary.

Support to Chief Executive and Directors

The role involves managing the Chief Executive and Directors’ diaries, co-ordinating correspondence and commissioning advice as necessary.

Secretariat to the Remuneration Engagement and Workforce Advisory Committee

The Secretariat arranges meetings, commissions papers, Clerks' meetings, prepares the minutes and advises and liaises with its independent membership.

Members’ Business Support

The team provides advice and guidance to Members of the Senedd and their Support Staff on all aspects of financial support available to Members to help them in their role as elected representatives. The Members' Business Support Team is also responsible for issuing advice and guidance to Members in their role as employers.

The Parliamentary Venues and Visitors Services

From first contact with the Senedd, whether this is via the switchboard, reception, or any other contact with our Front of House team, we aim to ensure a warm welcome and accommodation that reflects the Senedd's status and supports its business needs.

Supporting a diverse client base that includes the Members, MSS, Commission staff and the public our Front of House team provide a broad range of services essential to the smooth operation of the Senedd Business.

Members' Learning and Engagement

Development and co-ordination of continuous professional development opportunities for Members and their staff.


The Communications team has responsibility for leading on the external and internal communications.

Translation and Interpretation

The Translation and Interpretation team ensures the smooth bi-lingual operation of all formal Senedd business.