Senedd Business

Published 19/08/2020   |   Last Updated 19/08/2020   |   Reading Time minutes

Senedd Business

The Senedd Business Directorate provides specialist parliamentary support to Members to ensure the efficient and effective conduct of business. In particular, it provides the following services:

Chamber & Committee Service / Policy & Legislation Committee Service

Across these two teams staff provide secretariat support to the Senedd committees and procedural advice to Committee Chairs and Members.

The Chamber Secretariat ensures the smooth management of Plenary meetings and provides procedural advice to the Presiding Officers and other Members.

The Scrutiny Support Team exists to assist Committee Secretariat in supporting the passage of legislation through the Senedd. It also supports the development of legislative proposals by individual Members.

Legal Service

The Senedd's Legal Service provides expert and impartial legal advice to the Presiding Officer, the Commissioners, Members of the Senedd, the Chief Executive and other Senedd Commission departments. Services are provided confidentially in Welsh or English.  All legal advisers are solicitors qualified to practise in England and Wales. They specialise in public and constitutional law and the law of Welsh devolution, as well as in the policy areas within which the Senedd makes law. The Senedd’s Legal Service is independent of the Welsh Government.

Table Office

The Table Office provides advice and arbitrates on the admissibility and handling of questions and motions; publishes the Register of Members Interests; gives guidance on the registration and declaration of interests; and publishes all documents officially laid before the Senedd.

Research Service

The Research Service provides confidential and impartial information and research support to he Members of the Senedd and committees.

Record of Proceedings

The Record of Proceedings team produces and publishes bi-lingual transcripts of plenary and committee meetings.

Strategic Transformation Unit

The Strategic Transformation service is responsible for proactive planning and influence in relation to constitutional change and the role of the Senedd. It drives the transformation of critical elements of Senedd services, managing significant projects directly related to Senedd business and the strategic capacity of the Senedd. It also provides support and advice to the Remuneration Board.