2021 First meeting of the Sixth Senedd and nomination of the First Minister of Wales, in pictures

Published 13/05/2021   |   Last Updated 13/05/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

With Members of the Senedd (MSs) sworn in following the election in May 2021, attention turned to preparations for the Sixth term of the Senedd.

With COVID-19 safety procedures in place, 20 Members took their seats in the Chamber with 40 MSs joining proceedings online from their offices nearby.

As is required in the first Senedd meeting following an election, Members put forward nominations and vote to elect the next Presiding Officer, known as the Llywydd, and Deputy Presiding Officer.

Nominations for the next First Minister of Wales were also expected to take place.

From left to right: David Rees MS and Russell George MS

Members make their way into the Senedd Chamber

Before the election of the Llywydd, the meeting was chaired by Manon Antoniazzi, Chief Executive and Clerk of the Senedd

From left to right: Laura Ann Jones MS, Jane Hutt MS, Natasha Asghar MS, Andrew RT Davies MS

Election of the Llywydd

The role of the Llywydd mirrors that of Speakers and Presiding Officer in parliaments all over the world. They oversee debates, represent the Senedd at ceremonial occasions and events, and chair the Senedd Commission.

Members nominated Elin Jones MS and Russell George MS, before leaving the Chamber to cast their vote for the next Llywydd in the secret ballot.

With 35 votes to 25, Elin Jones MS was elected as the Llywydd of the Sixth Senedd. This will be her second term as Llywydd, having previously held the role in the Fifth Senedd.

Elin Jones MS, Llywydd of the Senedd

Election of the Deputy Presiding Officer

Both Hefin David MS and David Rees MS received nominations to become the next Deputy Presiding Officer of the Senedd.

With 35 votes to 24, David Rees MS was elected as the Deputy Presiding Officer of the Sixth Senedd.

David Rees MS, Deputy Presiding Officer of the Senedd.

Nomination of the First Minister

It was expected that during this first meeting of the Sixth Senedd that nominations would be put forward for the next First Minister of Wales. With Members voting should two or more candidates be nominated.

Late in the afternoon, Members were asked by the Llywydd for their nominations. With a single nomination,  Mark Drakeford MS was chosen as the First Minister of Wales.

As is customary the Llywydd will now recommend to Her Majesty that Mark Drakeford is appointed as Wales’ next First Minister.

Mark Drakeford MS, First Minister of Wales