British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly (BIPA)

Published 19/10/2021   |   Last Updated 09/03/2023   |   Reading Time minutes

At the request of Members of the Oireachtas in Dublin and the Parliament at Westminster, the British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body was established in February 1990 with the consent and co-operation of both Governments.


Further information on the BIPA can be found on the BIPA website

BIPA Wales Structure

Full Members of BIPA

Senedd Official - Al Davies, Senior International Relations and Protocol Manager

Plenary Sessions

BIPA meet in plenary sessions twice yearly, alternating between venues in the UK and Ireland. Each plenary lasts one and a half days and is overseen by the two co-chairs.

BIPA Annual Reports

BIPA Committee Reports

Committee reports are presented to plenary sessions which usually comment on them in the form of a resolution. Reports are sent to both Governments and Executives which then make formal replies to the recommendations.

These replies are also published and considered by the Assembly in plenary session.

Latest Committee Reports

Committee B (European Affairs)

Committee C (Economic Affairs)

Committee D (Environmental and Social Affairs)