British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly (BIPA)

Published 19/10/2021   |   Last Updated 23/04/2024   |   Reading Time minutes

The British Irish Parliamentary Assembly was established in February 1990, and discusses issues of concern and interest between political representatives in Britain and Ireland.


Further information on the BIPA can be found on the BIPA website

BIPA Wales Structure

Full Members of BIPA

Members are nominated by their parties to serve as part of the Senedd’s delegation.

Senedd Official: Elin Sutton - Assistant Private Secretary (Llywyddion) and International Relations Manager

Plenary Sessions

BIPA meet in plenary sessions twice yearly, alternating between venues in the UK and Ireland. Each plenary lasts one and a half days and is overseen by the two co-chairs.

BIPA Plenary Transcripts

BIPA Committee Reports

Senedd representatives sit on Committee B (European Affairs), Committee C (Economic Affairs), and Committee D (Environmental & Social Affairs). These Committees undertake inquiry work, and present their reports to Plenary sessions for comment & agreement.

Reports are then published and circulated to the relevant Committees in the Senedd.

Latest Committee Work

Committee B (European Affairs)

Current Inquiry: UK-EU Defence and Security Cooperation Post-Brexit

Committee C (Economic Affairs)

Report: Government Energy Strategy and Consumer Energy Policy

Current Inquiry: Childcare as an Economic Infrastructure

Committee D (Environmental and Social Affairs)

Report: Provision for Indigenous Minority Languages in the BIPA Jurisdictions

Current Inquiry: Rural Housing