Our Annual Report and Accounts

We serve the Senedd to help facilitate its long-term success as a strong, accessible, inclusive and forward looking Parliament that delivers effectively for the people of Wales.

In our Annual Report and Accounts we detail how we have progressed work on the Senedd Commission’s priorities under our strategic goals.

As well as outlining our performance and achievements, the report gives an overview of our activities over the year. It describes how decisions are made and how resources are used. Our accounts form a substantial part of the report, and it has been produced in line with HM Treasury guidance and certified by the Auditor General for Wales.

Llywydd and Chief Executive and Clerk of the Senedd

Our focus will continue to be on delivering effective Parliamentary services for the benefit of the people of Wales.

Rt Hon. Elin Jones MS

Llywydd, Welsh Parliament


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Rt. Hon. Elin Jones MS

Throughout the pandemic, Commission staff have found novel and innovative ways of ensuring that the business of the Senedd has continued with as little disruption as possible.

Manon Antoniazzi

Chief Executive and Clerk of the Senedd


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Outstanding Parliamentary Support

Over the past year we continued to support the Senedd to help it deliver for and represent the people of Wales.

From new corporate delivery plans to simplifying regulatory frameworks, we have excelled in supporting Members to work effectively for people in Wales.

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The Senedd Chamber
A photo of the Windrush exhibition at the Senedd

You at the Heart

Putting the citizens of Wales at the heart of what we do has always been, and continues to be a priority for us.

This year we engaged with people across Wales to hear real experiences, adapted our engagement programme to include online events, and produced a national campaign to encourage participation in the 2021 Senedd Election.

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Sustainable Resources

One of our key focuses is to use resources sustainably.

From reducing our carbon footprint to reviewing our productivity, we take sustainability seriously.

In December 2021, we published our Carbon Neutral Strategy which sets out our plan to be net carbon neutral by 2030.

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Additional Reports

Spotlight Stories

Our Year

Take a look at some of the highlights of the past year as we shine a spotlight on our top moments.

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