What our staff have to say - Robin Wilkinson

Published 01/01/2020   |   Last Updated 21/01/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

The role of Senior Research Officer is varied and rewarding. Through working with Assembly committees and individual Members I have been able to help generate ideas to improve public policy in Wales. Working closely with politicians has enabled me to improve my ability and confidence in communicating complex ideas both in writing and in person. Being a Senior Researcher is a hands-on job: using subject knowledge to suggest areas of work to politicians, then taking ownership of the need to make sure that they are well-informed whilst carrying out their work. 

The Research Service provides a supportive environment that has encouraged me to develop the skills I need to do the job well – whether that be attending specialist conferences or taking the time to meet stakeholders so I can get to grips with complex new areas.  This has involved working in Brussels to understand the interaction between the Assembly and the EU and working with academics to explore the impact of Brexit on the Welsh economy. 

I’ve worked across a number of areas in my time in the Research Service, so I’ve had the chance to learn about lots of areas of public policy – from Brexit and trade policy to digital communications. The common factor has been an ability and willingness to learn about a new area quickly, and explain to politicians what they need to know in a clear and impartial manner.”